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About Us

In 2020, Cort of Appeal was established and focuses on two areas: Fashion Cort and Design Cort.  With Cortnie's consultant background and experience, she approached interior design and fashion styling with a completely client-focused approach. Fashion Cort focuses on bringing out the beauty in her clients through fashion. Whether the task is helping someone find the perfect outfit for a special event or helping to build new and existing wardrobes. Fashion Cort at Cort of Appeal has it covered. Design Cort focuses on ensuring that a client's space feels exactly the way they want to feel no matter the budget. Combining her passion for great design, art, architecture, and fashion Cort of Appeal developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet functional spaces and helping clients express themselves and dress in a way that not only compliments their body shape but more importantly; their lifestyle and personality. Contact Cort of Appeal today to learn how they can transform your space into your dream interior or help you define your style. It’s that Cort Appeal for us! View Our Work.

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