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It's The Cort Appeal For Me!

Bringing Style To Your Home & Wardrobe


From the time she can remember owner, Cortnie Simmons Hordge has loved fashion and interior design. She is sure that the foundation comes from watching her mother decorate and fashionably put things together that left people loving her style. As she entered and continued a successful career in corporate America, fashion and interior design remained her love and passion. Over the last 20 years, friends and others continuously asked her to help with decor and styling and continuously encouraged her to bring her gift to others, and now it is time to listen! She avidly believes that life is not perfect, but your outfit and your home can be.

Whether Small or Big Changes Always a Huge Impact.

We Provide a Full Scope of Services in Interior Design and Fashion. Let us help you bring your ideas to life.


I reached out to Cortnie just in the nick of time! I was having a business photo shoot for some upcoming marketing collateral, but didn't know exactly what to wear that would relay the necessary energy and feel for my business. Cortnie has always been the epitome of style and grace no matter the occasion and I knew that she would be the ultimate go-to to bring forth my vision. She is so kind, professional and has such amazing taste; she is definitely worth the investment!

Latoya Carter

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